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Blending In or Standing Out?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Din Shagna Da seems to be the only song brides know of and ask to be played during their

bridal entry or Dilbaro the quintessential bidaai song.

We absolutely love those songs and have nothing against them. Don’t get us wrong, but what we mean is, isn’t this literally every Indian wedding nowadays? The more we want to plan and have a unique wedding, do we really is the question? We have it all pictured right from the mandap to the dress, to the jewellery, to the sangeet songs, and our Pinterest boards filled with photos of Anushka, Deepika, Priyanka and Aishwarya. None of this is wrong and we completely are in line with the ideas of having references for your big day, but don’t most of go on bragging about how we all want a wedding that stands out? The one that sets the benchmark for the others?

While we build this wonderful dream, the real question to be asked is are we setting the

benchmark we aim for or just modifying the benchmarks others set for us?

At Somethings Blue we really believe in building a unique experience for you that you can

proudly show off on your Instagram grid, that has others saving those photos as a reference

for their own wedding. Fill out the enquiry form today and leave the rest to us!