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Why Does The Attire Matter So Much?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Many of us have the idea of our perfect wedding attire right from 12 years of age. While

these ideas are modified with time, to stay à la mode with the fashion trends more often than

not, the opinions of others around the bride or groom seem to define their final attire.

In principle, we all agree that it is THE most important day of the groom’s and bride’s lives but

but but, of course, didn’t you know that your significant other’s, significant other’s parents,

your friends, their friends, your parents and a TEN THOUSAND other people have a very

valuable opinion to give. Or well, so to say! This opinion is given with a pretext of, “People

will talk about your dress throughout your wedding if it isn’t right.”, “Come on! Your

photographs absolutely depend on your clothes and the makeup you choose for your

d-day!”, “What?! You guys aren’t wearing matching outfits?”

Fret not! We realise reading this only scared you quite a bit, that’s we’re here to ensure that

you find an attire to keep your dreams intact because no matter whatever whoever says, it is

your day and only your opinion is the one that matters the most.

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